Resources in Trinidad and Tobago

Contact information for mental health and related services available to meet the needs of children, teenagers, and/or families can be found here. Please be aware that most of these professionals work BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

NOTE: If you, or someone you know would like to be added to this list, or if the information contained here is incorrect, please contact Dr. Traci by email at, or via the Facebook Page.

The following may assist you:
When to Seek Help For Your Child
Taking Your Child To A Therapist
What Speech-Language Pathologists Do
What Recreational Therapists Do
What Occupational Therapists Do
What Art Therapists Do
What Physical Therapists Do
What is Music Therapy?
The Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Sport psychologists help professional and amateur athletes
Pediatric Neuropsychology – Answers to Frequently asked Questions

*Disclaimer: The following list is furnished to you by Child Space (CS) for your convenience. The following are in no way endorsed, nor are their services or prices warranted or guaranteed in any manner by CS. CS retains absolute discretion to refuse to accept or continue to accept a listing from any source. CS has no duty to disclose to any applicant the reason for its refusal to accept such applicant for inclusion on its list.*

Psychologists/Therapists/Mental Health Practitioners
Maryam Ali, B.Sc, M.A
Child Psychologist with Specialization in
Play Therapy
St Augustine, Trinidad
Services Include: Individual Therapy (4 – 16yrs), Family Therapy, Group Therapy,
Play Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, Psychoeducation, & School Workshops

Alive Child and Family Counselling Centre
Sonji Harris, MSc; Sara Ram
1 Henry Pierre St., Mucurapo Road
Facebook Page
Services include: Therapy (children, adolescents, families), Cognitive and Personality Assessments

Annalisa Alcazar, M.A.
Mental Health Therapist
Child Specialist
38 Hunter St., Woodbrook, Trinidad
Services include: Ages 3-13. Specializing in Trauma and Play Therapy

Isolde Ali-Ghent, M.Sc.
#46 Brunton Road, Apt. Front, St. James.
628-4956 • 620-8032
Services include: Individual therapy (6-16 yrs), Family therapy, Psycho-educational services, Learning disabilities

Liesl Bachew, M.Sc.
Clinical Psychologist
35A Sanchez Street, Arima.
Services include: Psychological and psychoeducational assessment

Tracy R. M Cudjoe, B.Sc (Hons), MSW
Mental Health Clinician
No. 12 3rd Street East, Rowland Avenue, Trincity
Services include: Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Substance Abuse/Alcohol Addiction (screening, assessment treatment) (16 years +),
Therapy (Individual and Family)

Giselle R. Dumas, MSc.
Clinical Psychologist
#39 Bengal Street,
St. James
Services include: Psychological and Psycho-educational assessment

Monella Mona-Dumbell, M.Sc.
Clinical Psychologist
Services include: Individual therapy (Children and adults), Psychological and Psycho-educational evaluations.

Elder Associates Ltd.
Head Office: 30-32 Picton Street, Newtown, Port of Spain – 868-622-6594
Area Offices:
43 Cane Farm Road, Tacarigua – 868-640-3195
5 London Street, St. Joseph Village, San Fernando – 868-652-6878
13 Robinson Street, Scarborough, Tobago – 868-639-1554
Services include: Counseling, Psychoeducation and Psychological evaluations, Crisis Intervention

Families in Action
82 Maraval Rd., Port-of-Spain
Services include: Psychological
assessments, Counselling

Frederick Felix PG Dip. MSc. MBPsS.
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (BABCP certification pending)
Autism Place
1 Ragoo Road, D’Abadie, Arima
Services include: assessments and treatment both in English and in Spanish
Facebook Page

Jodi-Lyn Gomez, M.Sc.
Clinical Psychologist
38 Hunter Street, Woodbrook
Services include: Psychoeducational Assessments/Evaluations for children, adolescents and adults

Jodi Gonsalves, MSc
Clinical Psychologist
#38 Hunter St, Woodbrook
(868) 298-8610
Specializing in Trauma (including: sexual abuse and emotional/ behavioural challenges); Children- ages 2+, adolescents, adults, families; Techniques used: Art and Play therapy, Progressive Counting (A research supported psychotherapy
procedure for healing from trauma)

Linda Hadeed, M.S.W., Ph.D.
Advanced Clinical Practitioner
Serpentine Road Family Care
4 Serpentine Rd., St. Clair
622-7340, 774-5848
Services include: individual, family, group counselling, trauma

Allyson Hamel-Smith, M.A.
Applied Psychologist
39 Bengal St., St. James
Services include: School psychology,
learning and behaviour problems

Jhanah Haynes-Mark B.A., M.Sc
Clinical Psychologist
Central Psychological Services
Unit 9
#60 Old Southern Main Road
Montrose, Chaguanas
Services include: Counselling services for young adults (age 12+), family counselling, trauma counselling, LGBTQI issues

Dr. Rona Heather Hollingsworth
Clinical Psychologist
49 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain
Services include: psychotherapy, psychological evaluations, psychoeducational evaluations, consultations.

Alicia Hoyte, MSc
Clinical Psychologist
35A Sanchez St., Arima, c/o Asa Family Centre
Services include: Psychological and psychoeducational assessment

Sasha James, MSc
East and West Trinidad.
Contact number: 724 6383
Services include: Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy. House calls conducted at the discretion of the therapist.

Lena Jogie, M.Sc.
Clinical Psychologist
39 Bengal Street, St. James
Services include: Psychoeducational Evaluations (Children and Adolescents), Career Guidance, Group Therapy

Kanchan Khemchandani, LMSW, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
#7 Angelina Street, St. James
Services include: psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults (English & Spanish). Treatment modalities include: individual, group, couples (EFT model), play therapy and trauma resolution (Progressive Counting method)

Nidhi Kirpalani, B.Sc., M.Sc.
Clinical Psychologist
St. Joseph, San Fernando, POS offices
Services include: individual therapy for children, adolescents & adults, art therapy, play therapy, group therapy, career
guidance, court evaluations.

Meghan Lee-Waterman, M.Ed.
One-on-one educational advisor specializing in autism
1A Beaumont Road, Maraval
+1 (868) 299-4297
Services include: One-on-one support, assessment of social communication levels, emotional regulation, provisional of transactional support, group therapeutic sessions, individualized education plans, sensory audits, home and school visits to provide additional environmental support.

Sachelle Le Gall-Singh, M.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons.)
Clinical Psychologist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Consultant
2A Roberts Street,
Gulf View Medical Centre
715-716 Mc Connie Street,
Gulf View, La Romaine
Services include: individual therapy (10+ year olds), family therapy, parenting support services, trauma services, Cranio-Sacral therapy, psychological assessments (7+ year olds)

Chitra Maharaj, M.Sc.
Clinical Psychologist
Services include: Individual Psychotherapy, Couple/Family Therapy, Personality Assessments, Psycho-educational Evaluations.

Karen Moore, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
14 Hilltop Drive, Champs Fleurs
Services include: Individual therapy (children and adolescents), Custody assessments, Child sex abuse, Family violence

Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor. M.A. CPT. RQTU.
Psychologist and Dyslexia Consultant. Member of the The British Psychological Society.
Center for Creative Change,
First Private Road, Champ Fleurs
342 – 1578
Services include: Psychoeducational assessments, Dyslexia screening. Individual and Family Therapy, working with children and adolescents.
Organizational and home visits for CISDs. Critical Incidents at home and in the workplace.

Leena Nanan, M.Sc., B.Sc.
Clinical Psychologist, Neurofeedback Practitioner
2A Roberts Street,
Gulf View Medical Centre
715-716 Mc Connie Street,
Gulf View, La Romaine.
Services include: Neurofeedback Assessment, Neurofeedback Training, Individual Psychotherapy for Trauma, ADHD,
Learning Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Cognitive Decline, Seizure Disorders.

Catriona Persad, M.Sc.ClinPsych, B.Sc. Hons
#8 Austin Street,
St. Augustine
Corner Lange & Archibald Street,
Services include:Psycho-educational evaluations,Individualised Education Plans (IEP), Individual, Group, Couples, and Family therapy

Psychologists For The Growing Mind
Raquel Matthews, M.A., C.A.S., NCSP

School Psychologist
702-8386; 289-9660
Lydia Mouget-Ramcharan, MSc.
Clinical Psychologist
799-0225; 289-9660
121 De Montagnac Drive
Block 6, Palmiste, La Romaine
Services include: Psychoeducational Evaluations, Developmental assessments
3 and up; Psychological assessments; Individual therapy; Group therapy

Waveney Richards, M.App.Psych
2A Roberts St., Woodbrook
Services include: Older adolescents, Trauma

Leeza Rooks M.A., Ed.S.
Developmental and Educational Psychologist
Services include: developmental assessments ages 3-6yrs; psycho-educational assessments 6-18 yrs.

Jenna Samaroo, M.Sc.
Counselling Psychologist
#8 10th Avenue, Barataria
Services include: Counselling (children 6+ and adolescents), Art therapy, Play therapy, Group therapy, Parent workshops

Rainah Seepersad, MSc.
Clinical Psychologist
Keisha Welcome and Associates Intervention Services
#10 Farrell Street,
San Fernando
Services include: Psychoeducational Assessments, Individual Counselling (children, adolescents and adults)

Arianne Shepherd, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Stepping Stones Psychological Services
#6 Francis Lau Street,
Services include: Psychological and psycho-educational assessments (learning disabilities, ADHD, gifted, etc.), psychotherapy and play therapy for social, behavioral and emotional problems, family therapy

Sarah Lisa Subhan, M.Sc.
Child Psychologist
38 Hunter Street,
Woodbrook, Trinidad.
Services include: Individual Therapy (5-16 years old), Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Play Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, School Workshops

Student Support Services Division
Ministry of Education
66 Pembroke St., Port-of-Spain
625-7935, 627-1271
Services include: Psychoeducational and special education services, Parent education, Counselling

Marcia Tappin- Boxill, M.A.
Counselling Psychologist
Chaguanas, Trinidad
Services include: Trauma, Sexual abuse, Individual, Teens, Marriage & Family

Marina Torres, M.A.
Child Development & Education Specialist
Champs Fleurs
Services include: Counselling, Psychoeducational and developmental services

**Last updated 1st February, 2016**

Jacqueline Sharpe, M.B.B.S, MRC. Psych., DPM
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
47 Cornelio St., Woodbrook
628-2125, 748-3737

Art Therapists
Kristy Anatol, MA
Art Therapist
Therapy Works Ltd.
36A Carlton Avenue, St. James
Services include: Creative arts therapy and counseling with individuals and groups (ages 2+) for social/behavioural and emotional difficulties

Recreational Therapists
Sagine Bergeron (B.A.S)
Certified Recreational Therapist
Maraval, P.O.S
868 735 0657
Services include: early childhood intervention (2-8 years old), individual therapy through play and leisure, individual assessments and therapeutic recreational programs for children with autism, down syndrome, ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, tutoring and homeschooling programs for children with special needs

Speech Therapists/Speech Pathologists
Robyn Edwards,SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
Therapy Works
36A Carlton Avenue, St James

Penelope Camps
Speech Language Pathologist

Charlotte Edghill
Registered Speech Language Pathologist
Therapy Works
36A Carlton Avenue, St James

Sirlon George, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
Holistic Speech and Language Therapy Services
3 Kelvin Ave., San Fernando
Services include: Early intervention, Autism Spectrum

Fayola Granderson, MMedSci
Speech-Language Pathologist
The Therapeutic Workshoppe
139 Eastern Main Road,
St. Augustine
(868) 463 5146
Clinical Interests: Aural Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation for Persons with Hearing Loss); Adult/Child Language

Laura Johnson, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
16A St. Andrews Avenue,
Cocoyea, San Fernando
(868) 483 9927
The Therapeutic Workshoppe
139 Eastern Main Road,
St. Augustine
(868) 463 5146
Clinical Interests: Aural Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation for Persons with Hearing Loss); Adult/Child Language

Keisha T. Lindsay, MA, CCC-SLP
The Therapeutic Workshoppe
139 Eastern Main Road,
St. Augustine
(868) 463 5146
Clinical Interests: Pediatric Feeding, Child Language Disorders, Articulation Disorders, Adult Dysphagia; Language Disorders across the Lifespan

Nadita Maharaj, MSc, SLT
Speech Language Therapist
Talk the Walk Speech-Language Therapy
Maraval, Port of Spain
Endeavour Road, Chaguanas
Services include: children and adults, atypical communication (acquired and developmental) and swallowing

Kiara Matthews, MS, CF-SLP
Speech-Language Therapist
The Therapeutic Workshoppe
139 Eastern Main Road,
St. Augustine
(868) 463 5146
Clinical Interests: Adult Language, Voice, Fluency; Child Language

Donella Rodriguez-Laird, M.S.
Speech Language Pathologist
3 Adam Smith Sq., Port-of-Spain
Services include: motor speech disorders

Natasha Scott, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
167 Western Main Rd, St. James
Services include: Early intervention, Speech & Language Disorders, Feeding Disorders

Occupational Therapists
Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organisation
#19 Vidale St., St. James
Services include: Assessments, Individual and group occupational therapy, Parent and Sibling Support Groups, Camps, music and aqua therapy, Count Me In® puppet show (disability awareness program)

Aliya Drakes
Occupational Therapist
Opal Kids
#4 Walker Avenue, Cascade

Priya Gomes, MSOT
Registered Occupational Therapist
PreHab Services Ltd
Preventative and Rehabilitative Therapy
Services include: Neurological disorders, Orthopaedic injuries, Customized Splints, Home health care

Shivani Maynard, OT
Therapy Works
36A Carlton Avenue, St James

Jeanne Sabga-Aboud, OT
Therapy Works
36A Carlton Avenue, St James

Natasha Sexius, OTR
Occupational Therapist
The OT Sanctuary at The Therapeutic Workshoppe
139 Eastern Main Road,
St. Augustine
(868) 463 5146
Specialties: fine motor skills, physical disabilities, rehabilitation of adults

Sara Stephens
Registered Occupational Therapist
Therapy Works
36A Carlton Ave, St. James

Analisa Wittet, MSc.
Laurent House, off Bergerac Road, Maraval
Services include: Addressing brain injury, illness affecting the brain, difficulties in learning, behaviour, emotions, etc., neurological (e.g. epilepsy) and cognitive disorders (e.g. ADHD, learning disorders)

Physical Therapists
Renew Star Serpentine Ltd.
16 Alcazar St., St. Clair
623-7827/223-HEAL (4325)
Services include: Physiotherapy, massage

Total Rehabilitation Centre Ltd.
1 Chanka Trace, El Socorro
Services include: paediatric physiotherapy, Massage Therapy

Music Therapists
Keisha Martinez, MT-BC
Services include: Group sessions (children and teenagers) for grief and trauma; short-term workshops for youth groups, schools, churches, and at-risk communities; hospital visits (maternity, chronic illness, palliative care); family drum circles; adaptive music lessons for children with developmental disabilities

Martina Chow, MA, MT-BC
Services include: developmental delays and disabilities, individual/dyad/group therapy sessions, home/school visits

Sport Psychologists
Donald La Guerre, M.Sc.
Founder/Executive Director-DLG Sport Psych
Sport and Performance Psychology Consulting
Services include: youth athletes

Hippotherapy/Therapeutic Riding
Healing with Horses
#14 Galla Trace, Buccoo, Tobago

Carol Ann Poon Affat, MCOptom, OEP and COVD Associate
167 Southern Main Rd,
662-3937, 645-3937
Services include: Binocular Vision, Learning Disabilities

Educational Intervention/Remediation
Carey Phillipps
Edutherapy Limited
50 Alfredo Street
Services include: Early intervention and special education

Kelly Poon-Tip
Kelly’s Remedial Services
Bretton Hall, # 16 Victoria Avenue, Port Of Spain
Facebook Page
Services include: reading intervention, phonological awareness, spelling, reading fluency, reading comprehension and critical thinking

Keisha Welcome Guevara, MEd
Reading Specialist
Keisha Welcome and Associates Intervention Services
#10 Farrell Street,
San Fernando
289-0915 or 786-4513
Services include: Education intervention, Remedial work with children with Dyslexia, Mild to Moderate Autism, ADHD, Mild to Moderate Mental Retardation and more

Chrelle Moses, B.A.
Premiere Private Tuition
Facebook Page
1(868) 476-8045
Services include: In-home tuition for children of all abilities


46 Responses to Resources in Trinidad and Tobago

  1. Dominique says:

    This is great information, needed to find help fast and found what needed all right here. thank you

  2. Petreece says:

    Thanks so much Traci for this info!

  3. Lisa la croix says:

    Have a foster child. That something is wrong with, do anyone do free testing..

    • I am not aware of providers’ fees. However, I do know that some offer payment plans. Feel free to call and ask. Additionally, you can contact Min of Ed’s student support services for help. All the best!

  4. Therese says:

    You need to include C.K.F.T.O. (Caribbean Kids & Families Therapy Org) on Vidale Street, St. James . Check

  5. Patricia says:

    This site is a great resource.
    I have a child with down syndrome, she is 5.
    I recently resigned my job to pay closer attention to her development.
    We have a Development Therapist who comes to our home twice per week and hoping to engage the services of an OT.

    Looking for a school or activity play group so my daughter can intermingle with other kids.


  6. Tabitha Bachew says:

    Good day. Do you know if any of these therapists/doctors have experience working with attachment disorders and other issues related to adopted children? Thank you for your information.

  7. keva melville says:

    Hi my son is goin in 5 yrs an he cant attend premary sch because of his speech but his proformance is gr8 he is a bright boy an knws his work how can i help him talk properly to start big schol plz help

  8. Thanks Traci for this most valuable resource. Note: our Elder Associates Limited’s office info has changed as follows:
    Head Office: 30-32 Picton Street, Newtown, Port of Spain – 868-622-6594
    Area Offices:
    43 Cane Farm Road, Tacarigua – 868-640-3195
    5 London Street, St. Joseph Village, San Fernando – 868-652-6878
    13 Robinson Street, Scarborough, Tobago – 868-639-1554
    email: info@eldertt,com

  9. Does anywhere in Trinidad provide Rational Behaviour Training (RBT)?

  10. Nadia says:

    Does anyone know of a pediatric neurologist?

  11. Jasimine Tteal says:

    Hello Good Day,
    Our son is 6 years with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) , hi is an extremely intelligent and loving child, however hi is lacking communication skills, common sense, and has mild behavioral issues..
    Wi are desperately searching for a school that offers education as well as therapies that hi needs such as Occupational Therapy, speech therapy, behavioral, adapted physical education, etc.
    I don’t have much experience with special needs and I honestly don’t know where to start. It seems that everything is seperate nd cost an exorbanant amount of money, which is limited for our household.
    Currently we are in the US where our son is enrolled in th public schools autism education class where he thrives, is making awesome progress and enjoys himself.
    my husband lives in TT nd is a citizen there and ultimately is where we want to be. My deepest concern is for our son and his special educational needs. Is it possible for him to reach his full potential in TT?
    Where to start? can anyone give us guidance?

    • It would probably be best to contact the professionals on this list. Additionally, you can get guidance by contacting the Ministry of Education, Special Education Unit
      51 Frederick Street
      Port of Spain
      Trinidad, West Indies
      Tel: (868) 625-0981
      Hope this helps and all the best.

    • Ms. Brenda Hill says:

      please let us know what took place with ur child. your information would help someone else who is in ur shoes

  12. candy baptiste says:

    Thank you so much for this page I finally got in contact with a doctor who can help my 10 year old daughter, miss Analisa Wittlet such a kind person when I spoke to her over the phone. On another note miss Allyson Hamel Smith was highlty recommended as one of the best person to deal with kids with learning disabilites sorry to say when I called her office to get the information her receptionist was very rude and do not have phone etiquette at all, I was very disappointed. Miss Smith for a person of high intrest you can do better with your receptionist.. Once again thanks for this page..

  13. Diana says:

    Have anyone heard of a behavioral therapist call Dr Kevin chin location Walker street cascade please let me know

    • Diana says:

      Please help I have an autistic son and someone refered me to a Dr Kevin chin a behavioural therapist but he is not listed iam a bit concern plz if he a professional let me know thks

  14. Diana says:

    Ms Traci Williams can u help me out thks

    • Ms. Brenda Hill says:

      u should check out the list she provided as for me I have not heard of this person. there is aso jigsaw there on fb.

  15. judy baksh says:

    hi can you tell me of a good adh doctors in south

  16. Manuel says:

    My son with 1,5 years is hypotonic and have psychomotor retardation. Can you offer physiotherapy and occupational therapy? What is the cost per sessions?


  17. Jennifer Phipps says:

    Hello Ms Nurse,
    My daughter is low on the autism spectrum, I would like to improve her speech and elocution and communication skills , what type of professional should i approach, i feel speech or drama would be perfect. thank you

  18. Ayana says:

    I am the mother of a 4 year old boy who has a lot of anger problems and throws temper tantrums often especially in school. His teachers are complaing about his behaviour and are suggest that we take him to see a a professional for evaluation. Can you suggest someone for me.

  19. Andrea Mclean says:

    Is there a Dr Monroe ….psychotherapist…..

    • Ferisha Williams says:

      I am trying to get someone who might be able to assist with assessing my son’s situation. He’s 6 and in Infant 2 of primary school. He’s a brilliant kid however he has trouble concentrating in class for long periods. He gets most of his work correct but does not like to spend time writing notes. He gets distracted very easily and the mind wanders off. It’s now affecting his performance as he’s having trouble keeping up. Can someone offer a suggestion.
      P.S. i am in san Fernando

  20. Andrea Mclean says:

    Is there a Dr Monroe ….psychotherapist…..psycho educational therapist

  21. Michelle Ramdeen says:

    Hello… I was given this website after I spoke to someone about my daughter…. I am hoping there is someone I can speak to please.

    Thanking you,


  22. Good article on this web and its info is very helpful for me,So i have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.

  23. Ms. Brenda Hill says:

    It would be a much bigger help if persons who have had experience with persons listed on this sight leave comments or there experiences with these persons. it would help the one who is looking for help.

  24. Abena Phillips Horsford says:

    My son is five and he has delayed speech, we are currently doing speech therapy. He is enrolled in a regular pre school but the teachers are not trained to deal with a child with delayed speech. My trouble is finding a school where they cater for children, with delayed speech. Is there any school you can recommend in the east that offers this.

  25. Abena Phillips Horsford says:

    My son is five and he has delayed speech, we are currently doing speech therapy. He is enrolled in a regular pre school but the teachers are not trained to deal with a child with delayed speech. My trouble is finding a school where they cater for children, with delayed speech. Is there any school you can recommend in the east that offers this.

  26. Pingback: 10 NGOs that offer family support and education about autism | Trini Talks

  27. Lisa Archer says:

    Looking for an orthotist to assist with my baby and walking.

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