Apparently Babies Don’t Learn

Happy Friday everyone! I found this gem online and thought it was too good not to share.

My friend’s husband went on deployment and she was really stressed out. One of the days I was helping her, I decided to give her some alone time and took her only son (about 18 months old) out for lunch. As we are sitting at the table in the sandwich shop, her son decides to try to play a little game with me. You know the one- “I toss this toy on the ground and see how many times you will actually get it back for me.”

After playing this with him for ten minutes or so, I gave him a warning that if he tossed it again, it was going to stay on the floor. He took the toy out of my hands, gave me a sly look and chucked it on the ground. I said, “well, that’s it. Now your toy is staying down there. Guess you shouldn’t have tossed it down there.” As I say this a lady sees the toy on the ground and (probably) a frustrated toddler and walks over. She goes to pick up the toy and I stop her saying, “please don’t pick that up for him. He is learning a lesson right now.”

She scoffs, picks up the toy and while handing it to him says very snidely, “babies don’t learn!” I was so shocked by the stupidity that I just stared at her for a few moments and then left. When I told my friend what had happened with her son, she was shocked too. I think her words were, “Babies don’t learn?! Then what the hell have I been wasting my time for?!”


Inside scoop, children learn the basics of cause and effect long before they’re even toddlers. Who knew?! Haha!


About Traci S. Williams-Nurse

Dr. Traci Williams-Nurse is a licensed psychologist who specialized in child, adolescent and family psychology. Her interests include child development, family functioning, video games and food. She was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
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