Sufferable Silly Bandz?

In the event that you live near/on/under a rock and haven’t heard about Silly Bandz, they are colourful rubber bands in the shape of various animals and fun objects and are worn on the wrist. They’ve been a major fashion accessory for children (and caregivers) this year.

The bandz I’m wearing right now.

Beyond wearing them, Silly Bandz wearers have become little entrepeneurs and typically trade with others for bandz they want. In fact, I exchanged a unicorn for a pink pig just yesterday.

The flip side to this fashion accessory is the accompanying health concerns as well as negative feedback.
These include:

  • They’re a distraction in the classroom
  • They have been turned into weapons and used to sting others
  • Trades may turn sour and feelings are hurt
  • They may clog swimming pools
  • Wearing too many may limit blood circulation in the arm

Admittedly, the crescent moon I am wearing is a bit tight. For caregivers, it is important to remember these were designed for little arms, so exercise caution when wearing them.

In the Washington Post article reviewing Silly Bandz, over 600 people responded to the poll which asked if they thought the bracelets were a hazard. The majority of respondents said no.

Children enjoy crazes such as this (see also Pokemon card, Bakugan and YuGiOh trades of the past). It’s part of their social world. Wearing these bandz says something about you as an individual; “You’re like me and we have something in common.” Trades also mimic humans’ use of a payment system and can teach valuable lessons.

These crazes will likely continue for generations to come. For now, enjoy the days of the Silly Bandz and look out for the tight ones!

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About Traci S. Williams-Nurse

Dr. Traci Williams-Nurse is a licensed psychologist who specialized in child, adolescent and family psychology. Her interests include child development, family functioning, video games and food. She was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
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4 Responses to Sufferable Silly Bandz?

  1. Shaun says:

    Great post! Laila is SO addicted to those things. She has millions, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to persuade us to buy more every time we go to the store. Her arm is pretty small so they hang very loosely on her and I don’t really think they are a hazard, but they are definately a distraction. She and her BFF had them taken away at school one day because they got caught trying to trade them during “Circle Time”.

    Right now, I think it is one of those cute crazes that all children go through in their lifetime. Kinda like those little slap bracelets that we all used to rave about in 4th grade:

  2. John Jones says:

    Thank you for another essential article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing? I have a presentation incoming week, and I am on the lookout for such information.

  3. Tish says:

    My kids wear these to class often. It is not a nuisance and we have not had instances where they were used as a weapon but there were a few squabbles over kids feeling “left out” or “not having enough”.

    It is another craze that has been a long standing tradition of childhood. As with all things, a little monitoring from parents and education providers is always a well standing practice.

  4. sillybandzmania says:

    Good writing! I love this so much.

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